Greetings fellow two-wheel fanatics! I’m Michael Brooks, but you can call me the Ride Junky-in-Chief around here. This blog is the home base for my never-ending pursuit of riding adventures.

For the last 16 years, my life has revolved around tearing up roads and racking up miles on two wheels. From coastal routes to wide-open highways, if there’s a great stretch of blacktop out there, you can bet I’ve unleashed my bike’s full potential on it.

While New Jersey is my current home, I’m always eager to load up and hit the road. Legendary rallies like Sturgis, Rockingham, and Daytona are just a few of the epic events that have been highlights of my riding journey so far. But I still have a lengthy bucket list to check off!

No matter if you’re a grizzled road dog or just starting to get your wings, Ride Junky welcomes all motorcycle enthusiasts. This is a space to share the thrills of throwing a leg over your machine and experiencing the freedom and adrenaline only riding can provide.

Whether you crave long-haul touring tips, need the scoop on the latest gear, or just occasional motivational boosts, I’m here to fuel your two-wheeled obsession. Let’s chase the horizon together and swap stories from the saddle along the way!